Living with Covid-19 in Liberia - 05.04.2020

The girls at the Magif Center don't go out anymore. Fortunately they have a garden and occasionally they can go to the playground of the closed community school in the immediate vicinity.

In the background you can see the closed school building, the children are missing lessons and time together. This is like the children in Germany. What is extremely different are the communication possibilities via internet and other media. But much worse are the economic worries due to the crisis, inflation is increasing.
The food on the photo costs 30 US dollars in a country where many people earn only a few Liberian dollars as day labourers, at an exchange rate of almost 200 Liberian dollars to 1 US dollar.

Covid-19 in Liberia - Info from 29.03.2020

On 25.03.2020 the Liberian president declared a state of emergency for the country.

The airport is closed and the national borders are well guarded.
All schools, restaurants, bars, hairdresser's shops and public facilities are closed.
No more than two people are allowed to be together in public. Mopeds may only be used by one person, taxis may only be manned by three people, including the driver.
Shops may only be entered by 5 persons at the same time, long queues form in front of the doors. The shelves are empty and there are no supply chains as we know them for example in Europe.
Before shopping, everyone has to wash their hands, shopping baskets are disinfected.
Compliance with the rules is strictly monitored by the police and military.
There are hand washing stations all over the country. There are buckets of water and soap everywhere, there is a valve at the bottom that you can open, then some water comes out and you can wash your hands. In this respect the Liberians are one step ahead of us, consistent hand washing is an effective measure against the virus.

At the government quarantine station three people (as of 26.03.) are currently being treated for a corona infection.

The mood in the country is bad. The people are very afraid to experience an epidemic like 2015 / 16 again. The already very difficult economic situation is worsening drastically.

Jubilee celebration, Liberia e.V. turns 25 years old

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the association, there was a ceremony on 17 August 2019 at the

Torhaus Nord, Liegnitzstrasse 63, 28237 Bremen.

Margret Gieraths-Nimene gave an impressive and lively account of her work in Liberia.

It was a very interesting, informative afternoon in a pleasant atmosphere. Old contacts were cultivated and new ones made.

There was a small supporting programme with music and storytellers.

Translated with

The new Schoolbuilding is finished

We look forward to the opening of the new MAGIF Community School with great joy and gratitude.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the generous donations and the good support, without which we would not have been able to realize this project!

From September 15th this beautiful building with its large and bright rooms will be filled with life. Then the new school year will begin and the children will be taught there.

In October there will be the official inauguration ceremony, we will report about it.

The construction of the new MAGIF Community School has begun

The new building is already taking shape. Here, 4 new classrooms are being built on the school's own premises.

The building comprises four classrooms, two smaller rooms used as offices, a storage room and two toilets. The roof was covered, as can be seen on the photo. The Septic Tank, which consists of two chambers, was built.

Next, the plastering of the interior and exterior walls is started and the cement floor is poured. Then it will be decided whether the floor will be tiled or terracotta.

Then the carpenter steps into action again and pulls in the ceiling. The installation of the windows follows. At the same time the frames for the doors must be inserted.

It is realistic that the building will be ready for occupancy at the beginning of the new school year in September 2019 and that the lessons will take place there.