The girls at the Magif Center are fine. They live together like sisters. They go to school or to the Magif Center.

Painting and writing also take place in their free time. The girls are hungry for education and proud of their abilities.

But there is still time to learn to swim and to enjoy their free time.


The EBOLA epidemic 2014/2015 in Liberia determined the lives of the population. There was need and suffering, 4,000 children became orphans.
The team of the GERLIB HEALTH CENTER with Margret Gieraths-Nimene were active during the EBOLA crisis. Based on her knowledge of the situation of the children in the country and her experiences during the EBOLA epidemic, Margret Gieraths-Nimene decided to found a home for EBOLA orphans.  This decision was facilitated by the offer of the German organisation "BILD hilft e.V. Ein Herz für Kinder" to financially support the construction of the building. The facility and the program are registered under the patronage of the Margret Gieraths-Nimene Foundation (MAGIF).
MAGIF Inc. works closely with the Ministry of Health & Social Welfare and the Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection. Financial support is not granted.
This project is financed exclusively by Liberia e.V., Essen.